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IPA Payments Pod

Oct 27, 2022

Build, buy, or partner are the three paths to innovation for most banks, and Truist is planning to use a combination of all three to take it into the future.  

The bank had been looking at a partnership with the fintech Long Game, which created an app that uses mobile games to help people save money while learning...

Oct 18, 2022

With the midterms approaching, Congress is not paying much attention to legislation on financial services, but the regulators’ focus on the industry has not waivered. 

In this episode, the IPA’s government relations team, Brian Tate, the association’s CEO, and Chris Stromberg, the director of government relations,...

Oct 13, 2022

Good marketing seems like it would be a crucial part of any business plan, but even the best marketing plans in the world come with risks.  

In this episode, we present a lightly edited version of the audio from our Oct. 4 webinar, The Dangers of Good Marketing with Adwait Joshi, the founder and Chief Seer at DataSeers,...