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IPA Payments Pod

Feb 22, 2024

In this episode Brian Tate, the IPA’s CEO, discusses the regulatory, legislative, and court actions that will shape payments in 2024. 

He discusses outstanding proposed rules on overdraft and interchange, proposed state laws on earned wage access, and court cases against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Feb 8, 2024


In this episode Sarah Craven, the product manager for transaction laundering detection products at G2 Risk Solutions, discusses how companies selling illegal or unsavory goods hide e-commerce transactions 

We discuss how bad actors use various ruses to disguise what they are really selling, how transaction...

Jan 22, 2024

When a paycheck arrives can be just as important as its size.

In this episode, we talk with Matt Pierce, the founder and CEO of Immediate, an earned wage access provider. He discusses what led him to found Immediate, how earned wage access contributes to financial health, and how EWA stacks up against payday loans.   

Jan 18, 2024

In this episode of the IPA’s monthly government update podcast, the IPA’s CEO Brian Tate, and its COO, Ben Jackon, discuss the current state of regulation and what is coming in 2024.  

They talk about how payments companies should plan in light of the regulatory proposals from 2023 that are still active....

Jan 9, 2024


In this episode of the IPA book club, the IPA’s CEO Brian Tate, and its COO, Ben Jackon, discuss Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers 

The book explores how being successful can depend on context, and how success is not always just a matter of hard work or having the best idea or strategy. We look at what the factors