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IPA Payments Pod

Apr 28, 2023

Buying new technology can be a real adventure for banks that want to keep up with the times, so the real question is how to avoid the pitfalls that can come when investing in fintech.  

In this episode, Kiah Haslett, the managing editor of Bank Director Magazine and Laura Alix, the magazine’s director of research, discuss their new report “Finding Fintechs” and how it can help banks choose their own adventure when it comes to buying Fintech. Their definition of Fintech is a little broader than the common parlance. They talk about the strategic and practical considerations for adding new technology, and why the short-term bottom line may not be the best investment criteria. 

The IPA thanks our member sponsor, Netspend, for helping to make this show possible.  

This podcast was recorded on April 11, 2023. Things may have changed by the time you hear it.