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IPA Payments Pod

Feb 14, 2020

Cyber criminals have an advantage over the companies and people they target because they are better at working together than the financial services industry.

Hackers use online forums to trade trips and tricks, and even sell software to one another in online forums. They help one another exploit weaknesses in the defenses of financial services providers.

Although the industry is lagging behind the crooks, organizations like the IPA and the Payments Risk Fraud Consortium are working to bring industry experts and investigators together to push back the hackers,

In the latest episode of the IPA Payments Pod, Andrea Valentin, the secretary of the Payments Risk Fraud Consortium talks about the power of collaboration and how to build a culture that helps the financial industry keep up with the hackers.

This episode is an edited version of a webinar presented to IPA members. Members can access the full recording and associated slides in the members’ only section of the Web site.

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