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IPA Payments Pod

Sep 17, 2021

The way companies pay workers has fallen out of step with their financial needs, and Comdata is looking to fix that with its Fintwist Payroll product.  

In this episode, we talk with Brian Radin, the president of Comdata’s prepaid business about how the company has adapted its payroll business to meet the changes brought on by long-term trends and the acute problems that some companies are facing in the wake of the COVID19 Pandemic.  

Recognizing the companies are having a hard time recruiting and retaining, Comdata wanted to provide them with a product that would appeal to employees having a tough time managing their finances. By offering earned wage access and financial information in conjunction with a no fee account, they hope to make payroll a way for the companies to stand out in recruitment.  

To learn more about Fintwist, visit its Web site at Fintwist - Superior Workforce Payment Solutions (