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IPA Payments Pod

May 4, 2021

As online shopping and remote payments grew over the past year, so did the number of customer disputes over payments. While many of the disputes were legitimate, some were fraudulent – either by people attempting to get out of paying for something they bought or by organized rings of criminals attempting to hack a company through social engineering.  

In this episode, we talk about these problems and how payments companies can manage them with Corey Besaw, the banking operations president for Ubiquity. 

He talks about best practices for handling disputes including: 

  1. Prioritizing dispute cases, 
  1. Setting investigation thresholds,  
  1. Working with third parties such as ATM operators and merchants. 

He brings together the experiences of many of their customers and talks about some of the common pitfalls and practices that have worked to avoid them. He also gets into considerations around using tools like artificial intelligence.