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IPA Payments Pod

Jun 18, 2021

Keeping up with financial regulations can be a tough job for anyone.

The Innovative Payments Association is here to help our members – and the payments industry at large – keep track of laws and rules that could affect their businesses. We also give a voice to the industry, so they can talk to regulators and legislators to help foster an environment where companies can continue to innovate and grow as they help individuals and businesses meet their financial goals.

In this episode, Brian Tate, the IPA’s chief executive officer, and Grant Hannah, the director of government relations, talk about potential legislation and regulation at both the state and federal level, and we discuss lawsuits that will affect the industry.

Members wanting to learn more, should plan to join our weekly and monthly government relations calls. We also welcome direct questions from our members. Nonmembers can visit to learn how to join.