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IPA Payments Pod

Jun 27, 2023

In his book Tools and Weapons, Microsoft President Brad Smith, writes about how the growth of technology is changing everyone’s lives for better and worse. 

In the latest meeting of the IPA book club, we are joined by Sandi Piatz, the head of market for APS, an IPA member, to discuss the book. She recommended it because it is an exploration of the issues facing the payments industry and society as a whole.  

She is joined by IPA’s CEO Brian Tate, and our director of government relations, Chris Stromberg. We discuss the need for collaboration to manage to promise and peril of new technology and how this applies to the payments industry. We also talk about fire horses.  

The views expressed in this podcast represent the personal positions of the speakers and are not the official views of any company or the Association.  

The IPA thanks our member sponsor, Netspend, for helping to make this show possible.  

This podcast was recorded on June 14, 2023. Things may have changed by the time you hear it.