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IPA Payments Pod

Jul 2, 2021

The pandemic created problems for individuals, governments, and businesses, but as the old saying goes, every problem brings new opportunities.  

For Blackhawk Network, that opportunity began when it channeled its payments expertise into helping distribute relief money for governments and nonprofits. It used both closed-loop and open-loop prepaid cards as a way to deliver aid. The plastic and virtual cards were used to replace checks so that people could get access to funds quickly and inexpensively.  

As the pandemic begins to subside, Blackhawk plans to continue working to deliver funds to vulnerable populations. The company has created a new vertical that it calls Payments for Good to work with governments and nonprofits who need new ways to disburse money.  

In this episode, we talk with Tyler Gentry, the director of Payments for Good, about the work that led to its creation and the company’s future plans.