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IPA Payments Pod

Sep 23, 2022

Payments don’t happen in a vacuum. Understanding the context around transactions can mitigate the risk of fraud. 

In this episode, the IPA presents the edited audio portion of a Webinar that we held with Deep Labs' Vice President and payments industry veteran Tia Ilori.   

She described how Deep Labs uses people, processes, and technologies to identify suspicious behavior that may otherwise transact undetected.  

We discussed how the events of the past few years have changed the patterns of people’s behavior and how to keep up with the changing times. The ability to keep up with cardholder behavior can determine whether or not a company’s card is at the top of the cardholder’s wallet when it comes time to make a big purchase. It can also determine whether or not a portfolio will be safe from criminal looking to use chaos as an opportunity to circumvent defenses.