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IPA Payments Pod

Mar 29, 2021

As people’s lives become more digital and they add more connected devices to their lives, their risks for identity theft, fraud, and other cyber-crime grows.  

The average person is often unaware of, or unprepared to, manage all of these risks. To help address this issue, Consumer Reports, a nonprofit focused on consumer protection and education, has created the Security Planner. The site helps individuals create a personal plan for protecting themselves and their devices by asking them a series of questions and presenting them with a checklist of steps to take. 

In this episode, we speak with Yael Grauer, the lead content creator for the planner, about how it was created, who it is designed to help, and how it works. We also talk about some of the best practices that people can follow while navigating cyberspace.  

The planner is a free resource, and one that companies can share with their customers if they want to provide resources on protecting against fraud.