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IPA Payments Pod

Sep 18, 2020

The IPA recently held its first Fintech Elevator. The online event gave participants a chance to make industry connections and win a membership in the Innovation Payments Association.

In this episode, we talk with the founder of one of our winners, Invest Sou Sou, about how being more social with our household finances can lead to greater success. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Fonta Gilliam was a diplomat who have worked in a number of countries around the world. She saw a different approach to managing money than what is common in the United States. She believes that getting people to share more about their finances will help them achieve their goals.

To this end, she founded Invest Sou Sou, which offers financial institutions a platform that their customers can use to create social networks to help them reach goals. The use cases can range from individuals saving to buy a house to groups savings towards a common goal.

You can learn more by visiting their site at: If you want to create a Sou Sou wallet of your own, visit:

Interested in joining Invest Sou Sou as an IPA member and helping to shape the future of payments? Reach out today and talk to us about the benefits of joining. Go to  to learn more.