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IPA Payments Pod

Oct 27, 2022

Build, buy, or partner are the three paths to innovation for most banks, and Truist is planning to use a combination of all three to take it into the future.  

The bank had been looking at a partnership with the fintech Long Game, which created an app that uses mobile games to help people save money while learning about personal finance. That conversation grew into an acquisition that has increased Truist’s ability to build new financial services.  

In this episode, Lindsay Holden, the founder of Long Game, and Christina Russ, the head of strategi investment initiatives for Truist Ventures, discuss how the deal came about, how it will increase Truist’s innovation capacities going forward, and what other fintechs and banks can learn from the deal.  

The IPA thanks our member sponsor, Netspend, for helping to make this show possible.  

This podcast was recorded on October 20, 2022. Things may have changed by the time you hear it.