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IPA Payments Pod

Dec 7, 2021

Nearly everything in a physical wallet can be put into a digital wallet. For a long time, the one exception was your driver’s license, but that may soon change.  

Apple has struck deals with a number of states to put licenses into iPhones. In this episode, Jason Mikula, the publisher of Fintech Business Weekly, talks about what he found when he reviewed the deals and how they look nearly identical from state to state and give Apple much of the control over the programs. The company has said on its iOS 15 Web site that it will launch a driver’s license or ID feature in 2022.  

We discuss the pros and cons of digital driver’s licenses and of private companies getting into what was once purely a government domain.  

You can find Jason on Twitter at @mikulaja and subscribe to his newsletter at: Fintech Business Weekly | Jason Mikula | Substack.