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IPA Payments Pod

Mar 27, 2019

As people get new ways to manage and spend their money, their financial lives grow more interconnected with the rest of the world. In this new environment, financial services customers and providers need to grapple with the issues of data security and privacy, says Christina Tetreault, senior policy counsel for Consumer Reports Advocacy. These two are related in that they are both about controlling access to data. Where they differ is that security is about controlling outside attacks, while privacy is about giving customers control over how their data is used.

Consumer Reports has teamed up with other organizations to form an open-source called effort “the Digital Standard” that seeks to create privacy and security standard for future product design. You can learn more about it at

This year’s Power of Prepaid will feature several discussions on the future of payments, privacy, and security and will be held April 8-10, in Washington DC. You can register here.