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IPA Payments Pod

Feb 21, 2020

Is the CFPB constitutional? Is its prepaid rule constitutional? These are questions in front of the courts right now. Two lawsuits have called into question both the structure of the CFPB and the validity of its prepaid accounts rule. The outcome of these two cases could determine who is subject to the prepaid rule and...

Feb 14, 2020

Cyber criminals have an advantage over the companies and people they target because they are better at working together than the financial services industry.

Hackers use online forums to trade trips and tricks, and even sell software to one another in online forums. They help one another exploit weaknesses in the...

Feb 7, 2020

Everyone likes to believe that they are rational, especially when it comes to money. But people often make irrational choices, despite what economists would have us believe.

While irrationality might seem like a bad thing, it can be harnessed to help people achieve their goals. By understanding human foibles, financial...