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IPA Payments Pod

Sep 29, 2022

Directing dollars into specific spending channels can benefit consumers, program managers, and payments companies.  

FIS has been providing filters for government programs for some time, and it is now expanding the technology so that it can be used for other applications. The company plans to offer filtered cards that...

Sep 23, 2022

Payments don’t happen in a vacuum. Understanding the context around transactions can mitigate the risk of fraud. 

In this episode, the IPA presents the edited audio portion of a Webinar that we held with Deep Labs' Vice President and payments industry veteran Tia Ilori.   

She described how Deep Labs uses people,...

Sep 12, 2022

August is supposed to be a quiet month in Washington DC, but this year, it was just the prelude to what promises to be a busy autumn.  

In this episode, the IPA’s CEO Brian Tate, and Chris Stromberg, IPA’s head of government relations, talk about where things stand today and what will shape the payments ecosystem in...