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IPA Payments Pod

Aug 24, 2023

Is business just another form of war? 

In this episode the IPA book club returns with a look at the intersection of business and military strategy. We read the ancient classic The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, and to put it in a business context, we also discuss the Oliver Stone film Wall Street.  


Jul 27, 2023

The last round in the battle between PayPal and the CFPB took place in the DC District Court, and IPA’s Head of Government Relations, Chris Stromberg was there to hear the oral arguments. 

In this episode, he discusses the arguments with IPA’s CEO, Brian Tate, and they consider what the possible outcomes could...

Jul 14, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has begun reshaping all parts of the business world, and payments is no exception.  

To help its members prepare for the changes that are coming, the Innovative Payments Association has asked payments expert Sarah Grotta to write a white paper that gives an overview on AI and what it means...

Jun 21, 2023


Fifth Third Bank’s recent acquisition of fintech Rise Money builds on a long history of financial services innovation.  

In this episode, Tom Bianco, the general manager of embedded payments at Fifth Third, discusses the Rise acquisition and how it is part of a tradition developing new products and services....

Jun 9, 2023

Successful innovation in financial services requires a number of elements to come together in just the right way.  

Innovators need to combine new technology, market opportunities, and regulatory compliance to create the next generation of successful products. 

The keys to making this combination work came out in