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IPA Payments Pod

Dec 2, 2020

One of the newest names in the Fintech space comes with a ton of experience. North Lane Technologies revealed its new name in October as part of an announcement about its joining with daVinci Payments under Syncapay, another Fintech company.

In this episode of the IPA Payments Pod, we spoke with Seth Brennan, the CEO of North Lane. He describes how North Lane evolved from its start-up days as Ecount, through being part of a large bank with Citi, then a multinational with Wirecard. We also talk about where the company goes from here as part of a larger organizations created out of multiple Fintechs. Brennan says that Nprth Lane and DaVinci are on their way to becoming a juggernaut in incentive payments.  

North Lane and Syncapay are members of the IPA.  If you want to join them and other payments leaders in helping to create an environment that fosters innovation, then go to  to learn more about the benefits of membership.